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3-Hour Breastfeeding Class

Here are some common questions asked of me:

  • When will I begin to produce milk? (When does my milk come in?)
  • How soon after the birth do I breastfeed?
  • What are the signs my baby is hungry?
  • How long should I plan to breastfeed my baby?
  • Will my medication affect my breastmilk?
  • How do I breastfeed once I go back to work?

The answers to those questions are just a small sample of the things discussed in my 3 hour breastfeeding class.

Many women are nervous, and even scared, to breastfeed - from worrying about having enough milk, to being concerned they simply might not do it correctly.

An informed mom can move forward confidently.

My 3 hour breastfeeding class can help ease all of your concerns, and get you off to the right start. Begin breastfeeding with knowledge and confidence.

The breastfeeding relationship you will build with your little one can be “a special bond” between you both.

In this class, you will learn everything you need to know to get started. The fee for this class is $65.

(Coming soon - a general outline of the class)

(Coming soon - an answer to the question of "My hospital offers a class, why take this one?