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Lamaze FAQ

This section of the website is still under construction.

Until this section is complete, please contact me with any questions. Thank you.

(April 2017)


Until such time as I can finish this section of the website, here is a basic outline of my Lamaze series:



Orientation and Introductions

Overview of Course

Discomforts of pregnancy

Body Mechanics and Birth Fitness Exercises
  Aerobic Exercise
  Pelvic Tilt
  Kegel Exercise
  Wall Squat

Pain Management Thought: Fear Tension Pain Cycle

Breathing Awareness

Positioning and Movement for Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

  Progressive Relaxation
  Slow-Paced Breathing

Overview of Labor

Labor Support

Nutrition Crossword Puzzle

Discussion About Childbirth Experiences of Mother, Sister, and Friends

Labor Pain Discussion

Pain Management Thought: Fight or Flight/Relaxation Responses

Signs of Labor

Stage One of Labor

Variations of Labor and Strategies to Enhance Progress and Coping

  Conditioned Relaxation
  House of Colors
  Checking for Relaxation
  Selective Relaxation
  Review Slow-Paced Breathing
  Foot and Hand massage

Students Bring Focal Point

Opening Activity

Pain Management Thoughts: Gate Control
  Sensory Stimulation Techniques

  Touch Relaxation
  Review Slow-Paced Breathing
  Modified Paced Breathing
  Patterned Breathing

Challenges of Labor

Review Stage One with Practice Labor Situations

Opening Activity

Stage Two of Labor

Practice Positions for Stage Two

Stage Three

Birth Video

Newborn Appearance, Capabilities, Needs

    Visual imagery

Opening Activity

Anesthesia and Analgesia Risks and Benefits

Childbirth Choices

Birth Plan

Unexpected Outcomes

Cesarean Birth

Communication Skills

     Visual Imagery

Opening Activity

Brief Postpartum

Early Breastfeeding

Labor Rehearsal

Wrap Up and Evaluations