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The following testimonials are excerpted from various letters of recommendation and evaluations from former clients, and in some cases, doctors and nurses. In each case, hard copy, and full, versions of these testimonials are available upon request.

In an effort to maintain privacy, full names are not used, rather, the person's actual initials are used. Additionally, all testimonials that appear here have been approved for use on this website by the client(s). As I attain additional "OKs" from former clients, more testimonials will be offered.


“The services Kris provided to us during the final trimester of our pregnancy and during the birth of our son were invaluable”

“It is because of Kris that I recommend to all pregnant mothers that a Doula be present at their births”

“Our son would have been born with or with out Kris, but it would not have been
the healing and satisfying experience we had.”

"I cannot thank her enough for all she provided to our family and I hope you will allow her to do the same for you and your family!"

- J.F. & K.F.

"In addition to her pool of knowledge, two traits which really impressed me were her open-mindedness in working with more orthodox doctors and nurses, and her positive and warm personality. These traits helped make our stay at the hospital more comfortable as we cycled through 4 or 5 different nurses during our stay there.”

“Especially as a new dad, I felt like I had someone I could count on if I was unable to do something that my wife needed.”

“If you are going to hire a Doula, I highly recommend Kris”

- N.B.

“Kris was respectful of all our wishes for our birth and was completely nonjugdemental about what we decided.”

“She helped me as a patient feel more empowered. Most importantly, she helped me maintain focus during labor. I would highly recommend Kris' services to anyone expecting.”

- L.D.

“Kris was an extremely knowledgeable and reassuring presence, from our first meeting through the entire labor process. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

- N.J.

“I would recommend her to all the people I know, and would look forward to working with her if I have a baby in the future.”

- B.C.

“The techniques used by Kris were a big help both physically and emotionally to the mother to be. Not only was she a big help to the laboring mother. She was also a great help to everyone involved in the labor."

- Dr. McGuire

“Kris was Great!! She was very informative. She also keeped me focused. She is a very effective and awesome Doula. Thanks Kris!”

- H.P.

“Kris was very supportive of both of us. A lot of positive reinforcement.”

- J.P.

“What Kris does for women is truly amazing. It is such a wonderful thing that she offers to women and their family.”

- J.W.